Automatic clutch system for car

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City clutch™ is a product which is very useful in converting your manual transmission vehicle into semi automatic one. Its an automatic clutch operating system which uses the existing clutch pedal mechanism system. No modification is made to the original clutch pedal mechanism system in your vehicle. By adding this system you can change gear without operating the Clutch pedal with your foot.

The clutch operation completely becomes an automatic according to the vehicle start, stop and speed. You only have to operate the accelerateor and brake pedals in combination with your gear selector.

How It Works

The complete unit comprises of an actuator unit and an microprocessor based electronics controlled unit. The system is connected to the speed sensor, Battery, Brake lights, to a button on the gear shaft lever knob, the accelerator detection switch & the clutch pedal.

You will be provided with a little RED button on top of the Gear shaft knob. Every time you want to change gears, you press that red button. The Micro-processor controlled unit will detect it and send the command to motorized actuator unit. The motorized actuator unit will disengage the clutch. Now, after changing the gears, you’ll release the red button and the clutch will automatically be engaged. The speed of clutch engaging is totally depend on the vehicle speed situation All this will happen real-time, in back-ground


  • Tension Free driving and Very reliable
  • Complete automatic control of clutch
  • Easier driving for a car
  • Transferable from one car to another
  • Save fuel upto 20% in traffic condition
  • Left Leg free Operations
  • Complete automatic control of clutch
  • Easier driving for a manual transmission car
  • You can change gear without operate the clutch pedal with your foot
  • Suitable for most vehicles
  • There is no need of any modification in your car
  • Getting better fuel economy then manual drive due to microprocessor controlled engagement of clutch
  • You can interchange manual to automatic anytime by a simple ON/OFF switch ( Multi function system)
  • Specially designed for driving a car in heavy congested city traffic.
  • Easily Transferrable from your one car to next.
  • Very useful for physical handicapped, older person & women for driving a car

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